5 Daily Habits You Should Add To Your Morning To Stay Motivated

October 03, 2019

Having just begun my final year at university I have been trying to encourage myself to be as motivated as possible in order to help me get through the year and stay on top of things...harder than I'm making it sound. Which is why I have decided to put together this list of 5 tips I have found, that I am currently trying to intergrate into my daily routine, that will encourage you to stay motivated through the day. 

Getting up 

A lot of the time when I wake up in the morning I stuggle to get myself out of the bed, especially coming into the colder months when being wrapped up in bed warm makes getting up seem impossible. 

A tip that I found recently for helping you to get up it to just not think about it. Once you open your eyes you have 5 seconds before your mind tells you to stay snuggled up in bed, so within those 5 seconds, just sit up, slowly put each foot onto the ground and begin to stand up and make your way to the bathroom. 

Another thing I usually do is once I am up and back from the bathroom, I come back to my room and straightaway open my blinds. Once the light comes in I find I begin to wake up and start getting into my morning routine of getting ready. 

Plan your day 

Pretty Weekly Schedule for Bullet Journal  #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #planner #organizationOnce again I'm going to mention a diary. This is funny for me because every year at university I have bought a diary and never ever used it once...honestly I have many diaries sitting about completely empty. However, this year I seem to be sticking to using my diary! I will plan out what I need to do that day, errands I need to run, work I need to finish, even simple things like when I will take a shower. I find that this helps me keep on track of my days and everything I need to get done that day. If I know exactly what I have to do, I will get them done as soon as possible so I can have the rest of my day free. 


Steve Peters - The Chimp Paradox
Book I'm currently reading
One days where I don't have uni I try to encourage myself to pick up a book and read. In times that I have succeeding in doing so I always feel a lot more motivated throughout the whole day. This may be particularily due to the kinds of books I've been reading lately, mostly self-awareness/wellness books or even magazines such as the In The Moment magazine. Learning about how our minds work and thinking about this throughout different aspects of life helps to keep me feeling inspired and motivated, which is why I am trying to make time for reading every morning. Rather than picking our phones up straight away in the morning, maybe we should pick up a book.

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Oats are well known as a healthy breakfast and loved by many. You might not be a fan of its taste but would surely consume it for nutrients. Well, now you need not just gulp down your oats! Here I amI always feel a lot more motivated throughout my days when I have a healthy breakfast. Although too often I find myself skipping breakfast as I don't have time, so for the year ahead of me I am aiming to prepare breakfast for myself the night before I have to get up at 6:30am for University. Making something simple such as overnight oats and having it there in the morning to just take out of the fridge and eat makes your mornings a lot easier and calmer. I find I work better when I have food in my belly in the mornings as I can concentrate more. This also then encourages me to eat healthier throughout my day, whereas I find when I skip breakfast I often snack more on unhealthy foods. 

Think positively

Something I am aiming to do morning this year is to wake up in the morning with positive thoughts rather than the usually negatives thoughts of 'I don't want to go to uni' or 'I'm too tired to get up and start my day' or even 'I feel anxious today so I'll just skip uni'. These are thoughts I have far too often. So this year I want to start my day with positive thinking, encouraging thoughts such as 'if I go to this lecture I will get a lot more notes than are on the slides and I will do far better in my assignments' and 'Once I go and get everything I have to do done, I can have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. 
Thinking this way will definetely improve my mindset and make me more motivated for the day ahead, and may even get me that 2:1 at the end of the year, or who knows maybe I'll go for a first.... 

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