#SYGOL - My Career Goals

November 19, 2019

Semester 1 of final year is quicly coming to an end...and with that comes the thoughts of what will happen once I have graduated. 
The future at the minute for me is uncertain, I don't know where I will be this time next year as of yet, but I do have a few career goals that I hope to achieve in the years after my graduation. 

Work for a business to  help improve their social media presence

Social media has become one of the main platforms for brand promotion. Traditional methods of communication such as news, magazines and television are quickly becoming less relevant within advertising and marketing. However, some businesses are slower than others to hop on the trend, so one of my goals is to work with a business who haven't had much experience with social media, in order to increase their social media presence and grow their following, in an attempt to bring more awareness to the business. This is a goal I hope to achieve fairly early on in my career, and it is something I feel with bring with it a sense of reward fulfilment. 

Work in Influencer marketing 

When I think of my future career and the different routes my degree could bring me down, one aspect that I have a particular interest in is Influencer marketing. This topic area interests me a lot as it is becoming more prevalent in today's market. Many businesses are including influencer marketing within their digital strategies. It is an area of marketing that is constantly changing and so I want to get involved with it as soon as possible in order to experience it and learn from the ever changing industry. 

Experience many different sectors 

As I said, my degree could bring my down many different routes and many different sectors, and I would like to experience as many of these as possible. I want to have a overall great knowledge of the whole industry of PR and marketing, I want to experience many different aspects of both and this is a long term goal of mine that I want to achieve throughout my whole career. Working within many different sectors would give me a wide knowledge of the industries as a whole and allow me to be the best at whatever job I am at, at that time. 

Possibly travel 

The great thing about having a degree within PR and marketing is that this can bring you anywhere you want. All businesses need PR and marketing, and so it is a job that you could bring with you anywhere you want to go. I love to travel, and so the idea that I would be able to get a job anywhere in the world is comforting and exciting. I wouldn't say that this is a goal, but if it came to it, and I was going travelling long term, I know that there would always be something there for me.

These are some of my main career goals that I hope to achieve within my career, but now I want to discuss a method of achieving these goals. 

Image result for sinead hegarty
This is a term that Irish influencer Sinead Hegarty has widely discussed. 

This stands for 'Say Your Goals Out Loud'. 

Sinead has suggested that we should be saying our goals out loud, no matter how big or 'unrealistic you think those goals may be. We don't want people to know our goals out of fear that we won't achieve them, however, saying these goals out loud holds us accountable and can actually make us more likely to work towards our goals. 

Say your goals out loud to the universe, and maybe the universe will give them back to you if you work hard enough! 

This has been something I have just began to work towards, saying goals out loud to me was quite difficult as I didn't truly believe I could achieve them, but the more I do it the more I believe in myself. 

These goals don't have to be anything big at all, for example, I had an assignment due last week and I was stressing that I wasn't going to get it done in time, so I decided to say out loud, just to myself in my bedroom, 'I will get this assignment done in time and I will achieve a good grade for it'. Now I can only say that half of the goal did come true, I got the assignment done 5 hours before the deadline, but the second half of the goal is still pending... we'll see if I get a good mark in a few weeks! 

But this is something that I am striving to do a lot more of, hold yourself accountable for your goals and work hard towards them. SYGOL and they will come to you!

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